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DIY Juice Cleanse – Day 3

on April 25, 2012

Inevitably, Day 3 of my 3 day juice cleanse arrived. I have to admit, I’d been looking forward to this day because it meant I could eat solid food soon. I missed chewing. If I had to I could do a couple more days of this cleanse, but I really do miss food. And a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt either. At the same time, it was pretty nice to not have to think about what to eat every day. The decisions were already made for me and that freed up some time and energy in my day.

Day 3 was the easiest day of them all. I didn’t actually feel hungry anymore. I felt calm and the headachy feeling from Day 1 was mostly gone. I’d learned to take a swallow of the cashew milk if I start to feel shaky at all. At one point later in the afternoon I started feeling a bit light-headed. It was time for a green juice and, honestly, the thought of a green juice really didn’t do it for me right then. I drank it anyway and, miracle of miracles, I immediately felt amazing. Totally rejuvenated and refreshed. Hmmmm…what’s in that stuff??

So, final verdict time. Success. Once I’d wrapped my head around the idea that I’d be drinking, not eating my meals for a period of time, it was easier to handle. Aside from some minor cravings and headaches, mostly on Day 1, it was smooth going. I mostly stuck to the same juice ‘recipes’ every day, more because of my time constraints than anything else. There are some amazing juice combinations out there and I’ll try more as time goes on.

Ingesting just juice for 3 days made me more aware of what I put in my body in the days following the cleanse. I actually chose grapes over cheese at a reception a couple of days later. Never would that have happened in the past. And oh yeah, I lost about 5 pounds over the course of those 3 days and by being more cognizant of when I’m hungry and what I’m eating another 3 followed. Not that I’m counting : )

I liked the ease and simplicity of juicing so much that I’ve instituted Juice Monday. My husband and I drink 4 juices (2 green, 2 fruit) and a somewhat healthy dinner. It helps keep us on track and in check every week. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to the green juice every week!

So I’m back into my skinny jeans, feeling healthy and eager to rock a bikini when summer arrives!


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