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Influenster Holiday VoxBox – Mentos Gum

on December 29, 2011

Gum has never been one of my things. If I ever feel the need for a gum fix, I usually just bum a piece off of someone else. That might all change now that I’ve tried Mentos gum.

I know Mentos as those soft candies in the hard shell. I used to eat them all the time, but haven’t in a while. So I didn’t even know they made a gum product. I received the Fresh Mint flavor and that pretty much sums up the flavor. The mint is not an overwhelming taste either as some can be and the gum didn’t lose it’s zing even after about an hour. It also comes in another mint flavor as well as some fruity ones. I’ll definitely be trying the red fruit flavor next.

Probably my favorite part about this product was the packaging. Part of why I’ve never been a gum person is how it always ends up in the bottom of my purse, unwrapped and sticking to everything else. The cardboard and paper wrappers on most gum packs just don’t hold up! This Mentos gum came in a handy plastic case that closes well so the gum can’t escape.

Travel Score – A+

This might just be the perfect travel accessory. Gum is always handy to have if you’re prone to ear blockages during a plane’s ascent or descent. And it’s just what you need to freshen up during or after a flight…toothpaste is just so messy! The little plastic case can be re-used after the gum is gone – perfect for storing earbuds without tangling.

As part of the Influenster program I’ve been given the opportunity to sample and evaluate a variety of items. These were given to me free of charge for my evaluation and my opinions are all my own.


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