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The Rockhouse Hotel

on October 10, 2011

I’m in love. With a hotel. In Jamaica.

I often fantasize about vacations, but it’s not often that I fantasize about a particular hotel for a vacation. I am now…The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica. I recently had the opportunity to get a taste of it’s casual luxury when I toured the property and had a scrumptious dinner at Pushcart Restaurant. Now I find myself immersed in this as-yet unrequited love affair.

From the moment I stepped on the property all I felt was relaxed. It’s located in a quiet little enclave on Negril, far enough away from the large, all-inclusive hotels to forget they’re even there. Tropical in nature, the winding paths leading through the property offer glimpses of the thatched roof huts balanced on the cliff at the ocean’s edge. It’s no wonder that Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones have been guests here.

Of course there is a spa in such a serene setting. The treatment menu includes such delights as The Ultimate Coffee Scrub and Jamaica Mocha/Rum Wrap incorporating local ingredients into their offerings. I’m drooling just thinking about them. For the utmost in relaxation treatments are available in the privacy of your hotel room.

Ah yes, the rooms. Simple and understated, but completely tranquil. 4 levels of accommodation are offered with the ultimate being the premium villas perched on the cliff’s edge directly over the water. Don’t look for tv’s or other such distractions here and you won’t want them anyway. The view from all sides is enough. Showers are enclosed by rock walls and your ceiling is a canopy of tree branches. I could quite get used to that.

The Rockhouse has two on-site restaurants: The Rockhouse Restaurant and Pushcart. The Rockhouse Restaurant is the slightly more formal of the two, with formal being a relative term. Seafood dominates the menu and it’s served in a laid-back, elegant atmosphere guaranteed to make you sit back and stay a while. Pushcart’s menu is drawn from the street food of Jamaica with more casual dishes such as the famous Jerk and plantains. Don’t miss the pork and shrimp skewers. For casual poolside dining the Pool Grill serves sandwiches at lunchtime and cocktails (Happy Hour 2 for 1 from 5-7) until sunset.

So for now, it’s an unconsummated relationship, but I hope to rectify that situation in the very near future.

**While I was a guest for dinner at Pushcart, all the opinions expressed (including my lusting after a stay at this hotel) are my own.


One response to “The Rockhouse Hotel

  1. Ralph Much says:

    Just to let you know all your good work doesn’t go unnoticed. Much appreciated.

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