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Recovering Vermont

on September 6, 2011

It’s no secret that I love Vermont. We have a small, off-the-grid cabin in the south part of the state, and get there as often as we can. Or rather, as often as we could. After the devastation of Hurricane Irene to that part of Vermont our place is literally unreachable by car. We got off easy; our house is intact. When the river wiped out the bridge to our road it took with it an entire house and the land it was built on.

So…there is a lot of recovery to be had. Roads and bridges completely gone. Homes without power, flooded or destroyed. People stranded on the wrong side of a river with no bridge. Many small businesses have been hit very hard and these businesses are the very backbone of the state. The mettle of the Vermont citizens will persevere but help is needed.

A selfless individual, Akshata Nayak (@TheOrangeOwl1 on Twitter) has taken up the challenge of organizing a fund-raising raffle to aid small businesses affected by Hurricane Irene. The goods being raffled off are being donated by various artisan craft persons in Vermont and elsewhere. All proceeds will benefit the Vermont Irene Flood Relief Fund.

Details on donating money or items to be raffled can be found here:  Helping Small Biz Affected By Irene In VT

Donations to individuals in the South Newfane/Williamsville area affected by the devastation can be made to:

Newfane Congregational Church

PO Box 27

Newfane, VT 05345

Attn: Rich Grip

put Hurricane Irene in memo


2 responses to “Recovering Vermont

  1. Thank you so much Nancy! If everyone does their little bit, VT will recover faster 🙂

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