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Jamaica, Mon

on August 27, 2011

So, they really never talk that way (mon) here in Jamaica…only to make fun of us tourists who expect it. Jamaica is a totally different experience than I thought it would be. I expected the warm (ok, steamy) weather and beautiful water, but the friendliness of the Jamaican people has floored me. From the hotels to the restaurants to the markets, they are truly warm and welcoming.

RIU Hotels have been a perfect host and the properties have exceeded my expectations. Great locations and service…what more can a person ask for? I’ll definitely be searching them out for future vacations.

For varying outdoor activities Jamaica can’t be beat…in one day I rode a horse (swimming in the ocean no less), a camel and kissed a dolphin!

Disclaimer: The Jamaican Tourist Board is hosting me for this trip, but the opinions I convey are all my own


2 responses to “Jamaica, Mon

  1. Looks absolutely stunning! Ive always wanted to visit Jamaica but it’s got a bad wrap for bing unsafe recently so I’ve steered clear – might have to bump it to the top of the list though! : )

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