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A Sunset Dinner At The Beach

on July 17, 2011

The Travelbelles segment “Across The Cafe Table” asks this month about what’s in my beach bag and which beach do I head to. I jumped the gun by posting this last month – My Perfect Beach Day  – great minds think alike! But, inspired by a couple of recent picnics on the beach, I’m putting another spin on the subject.

Living so close to the shore there are lots of options from which to choose for beach location. When my husband and I decide to do the beach picnic thing we always head to the end of the Plum Island Wildlife Refuge. It’s about a 7 mile drive down a dirt road so it’s a bit harder to get to and a bit less crowded than some of the other nearby beaches. The midgies and greenheads can make an otherwise pleasant evening downright unbearable, so we only head here if there’s a nice breeze.

It’s a short walk to the beach, so we try not to bring too much gear. Beach chairs and towels. This great little table in a bag from Crate and Barrel. The portable propane grill to cook our dinner – don’t forget the matches. Sweatshirts for after the sun goes down and a camera to capture the sunset.

Our menu  is usually simple. Skewered spiedies, shrimp kabobs or soft shell crabs, a pasta salad, maybe some chips and dip or guacamole. There is always beer or wine (shhh…I don’t think it’s legal)  and bottled water.

We sometimes bring a game – mancala or bananagrams – or some reading material. But usually we just sit back, enjoy the good food, the scenery and each other.



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