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Spring In Maine

on May 18, 2011

This past weekend consisted of a whirlwind trip to Maine for a run.  Since the driving route took us past Portland, a stop at Duckfat was necessary.  As usual, the duckfat French fries didn’t disappoint.  Tip:  order extra truffle ketchup.  You’ll need it…it’s addictive.

Inland Maine isn’t the most popular tourist destination in mid-May.  It’s past ski season, too early for golf season and just too muddy to be good for hiking.  So, it’s the perfect time for a marathon!  The Sugarloaf Marathon and 15K run was held this past weekend in the vicinity of Sugarloaf Mountain.  A relatively flat, even downhill, scenic course, it’s run along Rt. 27 and follows a meandering stream.  Smaller marathons are a pleasure to attend and the atmosphere surrounding them is different from a marathon with 20,000 or so runners.  The volunteers are cheerful and eager to assist and the food options at both the pre-race dinner and post-race are usually homemade.  Think Mom’s marinara sauce, chicken soup and chocolate chip cookies.

As has been the case with the weather all around New England this spring, the temperatures were cooler than normal.  Add to that the constant drizzle and sometimes downpour the day had to offer and the result is less than optimal conditions for running a long distance.  I ran the 15K and supported my husband who ran the marathon in an attempt to run a Boston qualifying time.  The cold, rainy day that greeted me at 5:30 am was tempting me to just drop him off at his shuttle bus and head back to the room for some more sleep.  But, I’ve somewhat challenged myself to run 4 races in 4 consecutive weekends in 4 states and this was number 3.  So off I headed to run in the rain.  It did make for some pretty waterfall spotting along the route.

My 15K run was uneventful and the rain stayed more of a mist during the roughly hour and a half it took me to finish.  Dan wasn’t so fortunate.  At times during his run the rain was coming down hard and almost making it difficult to see.  That’s the thing with marathon running…you can train and plan to your best effort and then Mother Nature decides to make a her presence known.  Despite a serious effort, Dan missed his qualifying mark.  On an upbeat note, he did run a PR, so he’s heading in the right direction.

On our way back home we stopped in Kennebunk to visit with Dan’s sister and brother-in-law and the newest member of their family…Remy.  At 18 weeks and already 40+ pounds this golden puppy is a big boy!  I think he’ll be a good running companion one of these days…



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