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Running The Inaugural Seneca 7

on May 4, 2011

Running is usually such a solitary endeavor that when I get the chance to participate in a team running event I take it.  The first of the Lost Girls Races was the Seneca 7 relay run around Seneca Lake this past weekend and I was honored to be asked to be a part of the team.  The Lost Girls Races is a series of athletic events to raise money for a very deserving cause.  The recipient of our fund-raising is The Butterfly Project .  Through our efforts, 2 young Kenyan girls, Celestine and Kelvyne will be able to attend nursing school and better their outlook for the future.

6 Lost Girls, 1 Lost Boy, our dedicated driver and a bicyclist boyfriend convened in Geneva, NY at the northern tip of Seneca Lake on the evening before the race.  We feasted on pasta – carbo-loading – and restrained ourselves from indulging in too much of the fantastic Finger Lakes Rieslings.

The big day dawned sunny and bright…a far cry from the tornadoes and thunderstorms that had been battering this part of New York State lately.  Temperatures in the 60’s and sunny…we really couldn’t ask for a better day for a 77.7 mile run around the lake.

The event went off without a hitch.  Each of our 7 runners ran 3 times with our van leap-frogging ahead to drop off the next runner and pick up the exhausted one.  The toughest part of the race was denying my natural instinct to stop and visit the many wineries along the course.  I didn’t count, but there had to be about 60 of them along the lakeshore.

As the last runner in the lineup I had the dubious distinction of finishing up the race.  My teammates met me and we crossed the finish line as a team…so happy to be done and reveling in a race well run.  Our reward:  the fantastic chili supplied by the race directors and some bottles of the regions finest.

Photo credit:  Patty Hodapp



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