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Gettin’ Crabby At The Pompano Beach Seafood Festival

on April 20, 2011

Recently I was lucky enough to escape for a little while this never-ending winter and head to South Florida.  A few days with temperatures above 70 was a very welcome respite from this so-called spring in New England.  While I was in the neighborhood a friend and I decided to check out the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival in (obviously) Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale.

I guess if you grow up in the south festivals like this are a dime a dozen.  Coming from the north it was a whole new experience for me.  Festival might have been an optimistic term.  It was basically an area just up from the beach that was crammed with canopied booths containing a lot of deep fryers.  And almost every seafood offering was fried.

Not that I have an aversion to fried food…in fact I crave it sometimes.  Let me just say that after a couple of hours at this festival my craving might be cured for the rest of the year.  Fried grouper.  Fried scallops.  Fried alligator.  Fried conch fritters (my personal favorite).  Fried shrimp in so many variations I don’t think there were any they omitted.  The clothes I was wearing still have the aroma of fried oil clinging to them.

Many local restaurants and catering companies were showcased here.  Beer and cocktails were of course on the menus and if you went away hungry from this event you were doing something wrong.

In true south Florida fashion, the weather turned on a dime and a flash thunderstorm blew through.  Although these often last only a short while, they can cause some major devastation.  In this case, the band packed up early and we all huddled under the largest canopy to watch the wind wreak havoc on many of the smaller tents.  Luckily, the fryers seemed to escape unscathed.

Prior to departing the fry fest, we made a detour to the stone crab booth.  Now, this is seafood like I’m used to!  Those stone crab legs were chock-full of sweet, tender crabmeat.  If only we’d found them sooner!  I was so full of breading I could only polish off one of the big boys.  There’s always next year…



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