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New York City On The Cheap – Getting There and Staying There

on March 13, 2011

New York City is known for being – among other things – one of the most expensive cities in the world.  My husband and I recently had a free weekend and, since it coincided with a performance in Brooklyn by one of our favorite musicians, decided to head there.  Not having a lot of extra money after the holiday season, it had to be cheap and easy.

Transportation first.  There are many choices for traveling between Boston and New York and all have their merits and drawbacks.  For me, I’m hard-pressed to find a mode of transportation I prefer over the bus.  Can’t beat the price ($18.50 for 2 people round-trip this time on MegaBus), no crazy security lines to deal with, convenient drop-off right in mid-town Manhattan, free wi-fi, and plenty of room to spread out.  Do any of the other options offer all of this?

Once in New York, the choice of hotels is astounding and overwhelming.  Price first, then location were the guiding principles for my choice….Hotel 91.  Located smack in the middle of Chinatown it was right where we needed to be.  And the price?  Two nights for under $250.  In New York City.  In a secure hotel with NO bedbugs.  Ok, not everything was sunshine and roses…a train makes regular runs right next to the hotel.  And I do mean right next to the hotel.  Noisy, yes, but one cheap pair of earplugs later and I slept like a baby.

If you’re in New York in January, you’ll be lucky if you have temperatures above 30.  No exception this time, so the subway was our main mode of transportation while in the city.  Subway stops are everywhere and it’s not as confusing as you might think to sort out the system.  Most smart phones have apps NY Subway apps that will help you figure out which line and direction you need to get you to where you’re going.  Buy a prepaid ticket and swipe it when you enter through the turnstile.


photo credit:  wrestlingentropy,Clint Currier/flickr



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