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Thailand – The Moonshine Episode

on January 27, 2011

During a trek through the jungle north of Chiang Mai the food and drink situation was simple.  Enough to sustain, but not many extras along the way – although as in so many remote locations, cold beer was available.  So, imagine our surprise when, one night by the campfire, our guide produced a grubby looking bottle with a clear liquid inside.  The language barrier being what it is, we nevertheless managed to discover what was in store for us:  moonshine.

Moonshine has an inherent mystery about it.  Just the word conjures up visions of back-room secrecy.  Moonshine in northern Thailand is no different.  If anything, it’s an even scarier prospect.  I mean really, in a country where cricket-eating isn’t unusual, what could possibly be included in their illegal liquor?

I still don’t have the answer to that question, but I can say that it’s actually pretty good.  Ok, maybe if I weren’t in the exotic jungle environment it wouldn’t have had quite the allure, but in that setting the firewater was quite a treat.  What made the experience even more memorable were the drinking games associated with imbibing.  A simplified version of  “Buzz” got us started then we progressed to more physically demanding games.  The balancing acts in particular were quite challenging the more the hooch got passed around.

Despite all our shenanigans we all escaped injury and managed to wake feeling lively in the morning.  Still don’t know exactly what we drank, but I’d try it again!




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