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Market Shopping

on December 8, 2010

One of my first stops when I visit a new place is the local market.  No matter where I go, there is usually one close by and they are full of treasures.  The Silk Market in Beijing,

the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, even local farmer’s markets are worth a look.

For handicrafts, regional street food you may not find anywhere else, even a good cup of coffee (if I drank the stuff), you can’t go wrong when you head to the local market.

They’re also a great place to connect with the residents who call the city home…get some great restaurant or sight-seeing recommendations.

Give it a try!!

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2 responses to “Market Shopping

  1. Bess says:

    Hi there! I do the same thing. I know that the markets in tourist destinations are always somewhat touristy, but way less so than a lot of places and certainly more interesting than chain stores. I love the swap meet in Hawaii, and I’ll have to find out what the equivalent is in Toronto when I go there next March.

  2. nancytravels says:

    Hi Bess, Toronto is wonderful…have you been before? Check out the St. Lawrence Market for sure!

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